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Our Story

We’re Terry & Kristi Thayer. We met and fell in love with each other while falling in love with renovation. This spark caught fire and grew into a true passion for building beautiful, award-winning homes.

Years later, we’ve built a family and a business we’re proud of. Together, we build more than 100 homes each year. We go above and beyond in our homes and service because we’re not some big builder – we’re a family who lives here, too.

Real estate gives us a unique opportunity to make an impact in the community we call home. We’re proud to improve neighborhoods and lives in the process.

People Love Thayer Homes!

“The home overall was of very high craftsmenship. We also love that Thayer is almost single handily improving our part of town. We get very excited each time we see a new Thayer house posted to be built near us.”

-Justin S. & Lea W., Thayer Homeowners

Meet the owners

We aren’t some huge corporation, and we’re not perfect. We’re real people who are 100% dedicated to constant improvement and to building your next dream home.

Terry Thayer - Read My Bio

My name is Terry Thayer and I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1995 from Rochester, New York.  I came here to explore opportunities for a better life. I grew up in New York as a carpenter and worked for my father, but I always had a passion to be an entrepreneur.  I wanted to put myself on the map, so I wasn’t living in the shadow of my dad.

I began my first entrepreneurial step as a subcontractor who worked installing siding for houses and also performing general carpentry.  I soon wanted to be in the role of the builder rather than working for builders.

In 2002 I broadened my work, going into business with a partner. We flipped houses, sometimes adding square footage or even doing tear down new builds. I’ve continued doing this for years, now with my wife.

Today, my wife Kristi and I own several businesses including new home construction, Thayer Homes.  I am a licensed General Contractor in the state of North Carolina. We also wholesale properties and will occasionally flip and develop land on a small scale.

My wife and I are proud of our business ventures.  We are especially proud that with a percentage of each of our company’s profits we support a selected charity or foundation. We are honored to support Habitat for Humanity and International Network of Hearts as our chosen charities to benefit from our businesses’ successes.

We are able to live a lifestyle in a way we designed. Kristi and I are truly living an entrepreneur life and are able to travel with the freedom and spending much more time with our children.

We would love for you to become part of the ever growing Thayer Homes family!

Kristi Thayer - Read My Bio
Kristi Thayer, is the co-owner of Thayer Homes. She is also a mother, wife, and a North Carolina native. Born and raised in the Triangle, Kristi has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that’s transformed the area into one of the leading cities in the US to move to. Kristi’s love for real estate with her passion for design is what lead her to this industry!

In 2005 she meet her husband, Terry Thayer. It didn’t take long to realize that with their passions for this industry together would make a solid team. In 2006, they started their journey as a team with Residential Remodels for homeowners and over the last decade have evolved to building new homes and much more. Kristi believes treating our new homebuyers like family is both a guiding principle and a way of life for our award winning team.

In addition, Kristi is a Real Estate Agent, a serial entrepreneur and believes in multiple additional streams of income. With over 15 years of Real Estate experience, her enthusiasm to help others grow and her investment in herself and education shows in her passion for coaching others to get them in the industry and thrive. In alignment with her life mission of having successful businesses, creating a legacy and making an impact, all of her businesses are For Purpose Businesses.

In her free time you can find her rooting on the Wolfpack, engulfing herself in business and self-development or traveling the world with her family.

Things to do in the fall to ready your home for winter.

October and November are ideal times to winterize your home in North Carolina. The days are finally starting to cool off, but we likely have not had a freeze yet.

Tackle these tasks to make sure your home stays warm throughout winter and your exterior looks good in the spring.


1. Rake your leaves.

Rake your leaves to make sure no piles of leaves are interfering with your grass’ ability to breath. Grass needs sunlight and oxygen to stay healthy, even when it’s dormant.

*Helpful Tip: Use your leaves for compost! If you don’t have a compost bin set up, it can be incredibly easy to make one. Designate an area in your yard and toss leaves, grass trimmings, and compostable food waste in there to produce fertile soil for your garden in the spring.

**Helpful Tip: Fertilize your lawn to help with weed prevention and healthy growth in the spring.

2. Speaking of leaves, this is also a good time to clean out your gutters.

Even if you don’t have a ton of leaves on the ground, you might be surprised with the amount of leaves and debris you can find in your gutters. For the sake of your gutters, siding, and foundation, it’s important to keep these clear for proper drainage.

3. Check foundation and roof for cracks or leaks.

If you are reading this, you are likely a Thayer Homes homeowner, meaning your foundation and roof are relatively very new. Although you are not likely to find any issues, it’s always wise to check for them before finding out through catastrophe, especially in the cold winter.

*Helpful tip: A roof rake will help you clear off accumulated snow on your roof, which is built to hold up to 4ft of snow before possible collapse.

4. Protect your pipes from freezing.

Remove the water hose from the spout connected to the homebefore freezing temps. If hoses are left attached, leftover water in the hose will freeze and likely expand into the pipe. If the ice expands into the pipe, there is a chance it could cause the pipe to burst and leak. Also make sure to turn off your A/C water valve to prevent water collecting and freezing in the unit.

Helpful Tip:You can purchase pipe insulation from your local hardware store to help prevent freezing.


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