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Creating Dream Homes Through Secured Returns

Become a Thayer Homes lender and join our mission to improve communities and lives.

How It Works


We buy homes in need of significant repair.


Lenders are secured with a lien, protected by law.


When the new home is sold, you cash out!

Learn How Your Money Can Work For You!

Have more questions, or new to private lending? Our guide to ‘Putting Your Money To Work’ will help you to understand:


  • How private money lending works and how lenders are protected by US law.
  • Who is eligible and what types of retirement accounts and other assets can be used to lend.
  • How our family owned, buying, renovating and selling system is able to build more than 100 homes this year!

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    Leander Testimonial

    “I have been a lender to Terry and Kristi Thayer for several years, funding numerous rehab and new construction projects. Their integrity and quality of work encourage me to continue my relationship with them.”

    -Robert R.

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