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What to do When You Need to Sell Your Teardown House

A home takes a lot of wear and tear and at some point it may be time to say goodbye to the home as you know it. When your home passes the point of “fixing” it may be time to tear it down and build a new home in its place. So what do you do when you need to sell your “teardown” house?

The first step is to come to terms with the fact that your home must be torn down. This can be hard for some people. You may have lived in that home for years, or even generations. But, holding on to an old home can be dangerous. You can only make so many repairs, at some point it’s going to need to be torn down. But every ending has a beginning, sell your property to someone who wants to build a beautiful new home in its place.

When you’re ready to sell your teardown house, you may find it easier to find a buyer than you think. Because your home needs to be torn down selling it on the market is not going to be your best option, yet you may find that buyers will approach you first. Often times builders will send you postcards or letters asking to buy your home. You may have just tossed them in the past, but now it’s time you call that number. Builders are always on the lookout for teardown properties, especially if it’s in a great neighborhood. If you’re not getting postcards drive around your neighborhood and look for new construction homes in the area. They’re easy to spot because they’ll have the builders sign out in front. Give the builder a call and schedule a consultation. Selling to a builder is great because unlike a traditional buyer, builders can buy your home for cash and close quickly.  And the best part… you don’t have to do any work, the buy the home as-is no matter how many problems it may have.

Take your time to find a couple builders and get more than one quote for your home. Although price is an important part of selling, make sure you sell to reputable builders. The builders should be licensed and registered with a Home Builders Association. See if your builders work with any non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Some parts of your home such as cabinets, windows and doors can be donated if they’re still in good condition. Knowing that you’re selling to a reputable builder can make you feel a lot better about your decision.
Coming to terms with the fact that you need to sell your teardown house is never easy, but hopefully this article helps to make the process easier. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area and are ready to sell your teardown house contact us for a free consultation. We’re always looking for properties in great locations and are ready to pay cash for your home. Not sure if your home qualifies as a “teardown”? Give us a call anyways, we buy all types of properties, even if we don’t plan on tearing them down.


Things to do in the fall to ready your home for winter.

October and November are ideal times to winterize your home in North Carolina. The days are finally starting to cool off, but we likely have not had a freeze yet.

Tackle these tasks to make sure your home stays warm throughout winter and your exterior looks good in the spring.


1. Rake your leaves.

Rake your leaves to make sure no piles of leaves are interfering with your grass’ ability to breath. Grass needs sunlight and oxygen to stay healthy, even when it’s dormant.

*Helpful Tip: Use your leaves for compost! If you don’t have a compost bin set up, it can be incredibly easy to make one. Designate an area in your yard and toss leaves, grass trimmings, and compostable food waste in there to produce fertile soil for your garden in the spring.

**Helpful Tip: Fertilize your lawn to help with weed prevention and healthy growth in the spring.

2. Speaking of leaves, this is also a good time to clean out your gutters.

Even if you don’t have a ton of leaves on the ground, you might be surprised with the amount of leaves and debris you can find in your gutters. For the sake of your gutters, siding, and foundation, it’s important to keep these clear for proper drainage.

3. Check foundation and roof for cracks or leaks.

If you are reading this, you are likely a Thayer Homes homeowner, meaning your foundation and roof are relatively very new. Although you are not likely to find any issues, it’s always wise to check for them before finding out through catastrophe, especially in the cold winter.

*Helpful tip: A roof rake will help you clear off accumulated snow on your roof, which is built to hold up to 4ft of snow before possible collapse.

4. Protect your pipes from freezing.

Remove the water hose from the spout connected to the homebefore freezing temps. If hoses are left attached, leftover water in the hose will freeze and likely expand into the pipe. If the ice expands into the pipe, there is a chance it could cause the pipe to burst and leak. Also make sure to turn off your A/C water valve to prevent water collecting and freezing in the unit.

Helpful Tip:You can purchase pipe insulation from your local hardware store to help prevent freezing.


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