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5 Reasons to Become a Private Money Lender for Real Estate

When most people think about Real Estate investment they picture an HGTV show where you buy, flip and sell the home over a course of a few months. From finding the property to demolition, to renovating it, dealing with unforeseen expenses and then trying to sell it for enough money to at least make a small profit seems like a ton of work. But what if all you had to do was fund the deal and the professionals handled all the hard stuff? Become a private money lender and you too can invest in real estate without ever having to lift a hammer.
There’s a reason so many people are investing in Real Estate. You can make incredible returns with much less risk than many other investments. Become a private money lender and you’ll lower your risk even more by funding a property for professionals to renovate or build over. Because they do this all the time, professional real estate solutions companies know how to put your money to good use and get you the returns you’ve been dreaming of. See our top 5 reasons to become a private money lender for real estate.
1.Your investment is backed by Real Estate. Unlike the stock market or bitcoin, real estate is a tangible investment. Because of this, the investment is always protected by both the home and the land. This lowers your risk for a bad investment.

2. Make higher returns. On average, most investors will make double digit returns. Typically a real estate investment will make you 4 – 5x more than the average CD rate. Start putting your money to work for you.

become a private money lender
3. It’s truly passive. Private money lenders never have to go look at a property, lift a hammer, or try to sell it. A real estate private money lender has the luxury of staying completely hands-off on their investment. Whether you’re collecting monthly returns or a lump sum, the most work you’ll have to do is cash the check.

4. Multiple sources of funding. There is more than one way to fund your private money investment. Cash, personal or business lines of credit, home equity lines of credit and even your retirement account are all ways of investing in real estate. Leveraging a ROTH-IRA account is one of the best ways to get the most out of your investment by taking advantage of the tax benefits.

5. Recoup your investment quicker. Most private money lenders for real estate profit off their investment in less than a year. Once the property sells, not only do you get your profit, but you also have an option to recoup your investment or use it to invest in another property and start the process all over again.

Ready to start putting your money to work? Contact us to see how you can become a private money lender for our projects. At Thayer Homes we buy properties that are in need of a total tear down and build a new home in its place. As award winning home builders who have perfected our system, we’re confident in our ability to get you amazing returns on your investment. Click here to learn more about how you can get started!


Things to do in the fall to ready your home for winter.

October and November are ideal times to winterize your home in North Carolina. The days are finally starting to cool off, but we likely have not had a freeze yet.

Tackle these tasks to make sure your home stays warm throughout winter and your exterior looks good in the spring.


1. Rake your leaves.

Rake your leaves to make sure no piles of leaves are interfering with your grass’ ability to breath. Grass needs sunlight and oxygen to stay healthy, even when it’s dormant.

*Helpful Tip: Use your leaves for compost! If you don’t have a compost bin set up, it can be incredibly easy to make one. Designate an area in your yard and toss leaves, grass trimmings, and compostable food waste in there to produce fertile soil for your garden in the spring.

**Helpful Tip: Fertilize your lawn to help with weed prevention and healthy growth in the spring.

2. Speaking of leaves, this is also a good time to clean out your gutters.

Even if you don’t have a ton of leaves on the ground, you might be surprised with the amount of leaves and debris you can find in your gutters. For the sake of your gutters, siding, and foundation, it’s important to keep these clear for proper drainage.

3. Check foundation and roof for cracks or leaks.

If you are reading this, you are likely a Thayer Homes homeowner, meaning your foundation and roof are relatively very new. Although you are not likely to find any issues, it’s always wise to check for them before finding out through catastrophe, especially in the cold winter.

*Helpful tip: A roof rake will help you clear off accumulated snow on your roof, which is built to hold up to 4ft of snow before possible collapse.

4. Protect your pipes from freezing.

Remove the water hose from the spout connected to the homebefore freezing temps. If hoses are left attached, leftover water in the hose will freeze and likely expand into the pipe. If the ice expands into the pipe, there is a chance it could cause the pipe to burst and leak. Also make sure to turn off your A/C water valve to prevent water collecting and freezing in the unit.

Helpful Tip:You can purchase pipe insulation from your local hardware store to help prevent freezing.


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